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Dehradun, the city, headquarters of the district is visited by a large number of tourist every year, many of them en-route to Mussoorie. The climate of the city is temperate. Even during summer, it is not so warm at Dehra Dun as in the district south of it. The Forest Research Institute which is world famous for its research work in forestry and is the only institution of its kind in Asia is situated here. Besides, headquarters of the important establishment like the Oil and Natural Commission; Survey of India etc., the Military Academy are also located here. The Gurudwara built by Guru Ram Raj during the reign of Aurangzeb in the Dhamanwala locality o the town is a religious place of eminence. The other places of importance is the Robber's cave, situated at a distance of about 8 kms from Dehradun.

The cave is a natural picnic spot surrounded by hills where water suddenly disappears from sight and goes underground only to reappear after a few yards in the form of a stream. The city has many beautiful rest houses and good hotels to provide accommodation to the tourist. For many years, it has been one of the best known educational centres in northern India. Dehradun is well linked by rail and road with Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Lucknow and Varanasi.

Places to Visit

Forest Research Institute:
Forest Research Institute (FRI) is today counted amongst the best institutes in the India dedicated to forest research. One of the major attractions of the institutes is a museum, which exhibits a wide and extensive collection of botanical specimens. The museum remains open from Monday to Friday and is the perfect place to explore the vegetation gifted by the Earth. The Botanical Garden situated within the premises of FRI is another major attraction.

Tapkeshwar Temple:
Tapkeshwar Temple is situated amidst the picturesque outskirts of Dehradun. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, as the God of strict rituals of 'tap' (meditation). One can reach the temple only after climbing a long flight of stairs. After reaching the top, you will encounter mesmerizing views of the valley below - with the gushing river flowing nearby.

Malsi Deer Park:
Masi Deer Park is, as the name suggests, a protected area of deer, lying at a distance of around 8 km from the heart of the city. However, make sure to see the deer from a distance, if you don't want them running away and hiding. The cool breezes, usually experienced there, only add to the appeal of the park.

Sahasratra Dhara, laterally meaning, the 'thousand fold spring' is situated at a distance of 11 kms. from Dehradun. The place makes an ideal picnic spot and is of immense attraction to visitors. The Baldi river and the caves provide a breathtaking view.

The water here has a fall of about 9 metres and leaves an incrustation of lime of all its touches. Particles thus accumulating over the centuries have formed a projecting ledge, and a sort of cave, from the roof of which falls a perpetual shower. There is also a sulphur spring in which visitors often take bath. Its water is said to cure skin infections and possess other medicinal properties.

Robber's Cave:
Robber's Cave is another popular tourist spot, situated 8 km from Dehradun. One of the most visited picnic spots around the city, the cave is the perfect place to take a leisurely walk and feel at ease with yourself. One can notice an unusual phenomenon here, when a stream suddenly disappears from sight at a point and then reappears after a few meters.

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology:
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is manly known for housing a museum that displays the rich geological diversity of India. Amongst the main displays in the museum are rock samples, semi-precious stones and fossils.

Lakshman Siddh Temple:
Lakshman Siddh temple is believed to be the place where Lakshmana (younger brother of Lord Rama) did penance, after killing the demon king Ravana.

Sai Darbar :
Situated 8 Kms along the Clock Tower on Rajpur Road, is the Sai Darbar Temple. This place holds a high cultural and spiritual value and is visited by tourists from across the country and foreigners as well.


By Air :

The capital city of Dehradun has its own domestic airport named Jolly Grant Airport. Located at the outskirts of the city, the airport lies only 25kms away. Daily flight operates to and from Delhi, which is the nearest international airport. Delhi is connected by air to all the major Indian cities like: Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc.

By Rail :
Dehradun itself is a key railway station in northern part of India. Almost all metro cities in India like: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata have direct trains to Dehradun. Several important trains also connect the city with Varanasi, Lucknow , Mussoorie and so on.

By Road :
An extensive network comprised of National Highways, Sate Highways, and metalled motorable roads make Dehradun easily accessible from any part of northern India. A few prominent cities, which have road connections to Dehradun, are: Agra (381kms), Delhi (235kms), Jaipur (493kms), Lucknow (582kms).
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